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Legal word

  Legal word मुक़दमा - -   lawsuit अवैध - illegal सबूत - - evidence निर्णय --- verdict अपराध -- crime @1 अभियोगी - - plaintiff अभियोगी - - plaintiff अभियुक्त --- defendant दिवालियापन - - bankruptcy अपराधी -- criminal जज -- judge निर्णय -- decision @2 रिहा करना -- discharge निर्णय --- judgement क़ानूनी -- legal गवाह -- witness सज़ा - sentence क़ानून -- law न्यायालय -- court न्याय - - justice @3 Legal word ज्यूरी - jury महाभियोग -- - impeachment अपील करना --- appeal मुआवज़ा - damages निषेधाज्ञा -- injunction ब्रीफ़ --- brief पूर्व उदाहरण -- precedent वारंट --- warrant दलील --- plea @4 आंतरिक अधिकारी --- insider न्यायपरस्ता -- equity दोषसिद्धि ---- conviction शिकायत --- complaint सह - अपराधी -- accomplice लागू करना --- enforcement पीड़ित -- victim
  MCQs on criminal procedure Code (With Answers) 1)If a judge dies after writing his judgement but before delivering it- A. The judgement will be final as long as the judge has signed it B. The judgement will be final if his successor comes and delivers it C. The judgement will be considered merely as an opinion D. The judgement will be final in criminal proceedings Ans. C 2).The maximum possible compensation awardable under section 357 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973- A. Depends on the Court in which the case is being tried B. Cannot exceed the maximum fine possible fine for the offence C. Cannot exceed Rs 1,00,00,000 D.( Depends on the discretion of the judge) Ans. D 3) .______________ of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 states that compensation payable to the victim under section 357-A will be in addition to the compensa­tion payable under section 326-A or 376-D of the IPC. A. Section 357 B. Section 357-A C. Section 357-B D. Section 357-C Ans. C 4). Which of the followin