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Probate In India: Definition, Importance & Application

  Probate In India: Definition, Importance & Application                        @1                        A will  is a document that is drawn by a person with clear instructions as to how his/her assets are to be distributed on their death. In certain situations — and only in certain jurisdictions, such as Mumbai, Kolkota and Chennai — the executor of the will may need to apply for a probate in order to legalise it. This article will discuss, in detail, what a probate is, when one is needed in India, what the court fees are, and how it can be obtained. @2 What is a Probate? The Indian Succession Act, 1925 decrees that a probate is official proof of a will. A probate is issued to the executor, or the person who is authorized to implement or execute the will and thereby adds a legal character to the will. A probate, as defined in the India Sucessession Act, 1925, is ‘A copy of will certified under the seal of a court of competent jurisdiction with grant of administration of the

5 Year LLB Degree Course, Syllabus/ subject list

  5 Year LLB Degree Course,   Syllabus/ subject list @1 1st  semester English –I Logic- I Economics @2 2nd Semester History of Courts Political  Science –I Legal Writing and Legal Language   @3 3rd Semester Political Science – II Sociology History of Courts @4 4th Semester English –II Logic –II Political Science III @5 5th Semester Labour Laws Contract –I, Specific Relief Act Law of  Torts  And Consumer Protection Legal Language @6 6th semester Law of Crimes (IPC) and Criminal Jurisprudence Constitutional Law Family Law – I Environmental Law Practical Training -I @7 7th semester Administrative Law Family Law –II Property Law Company Law @8 8th semester Jurisprudence Contract –II , Indian Contract Act, Indian Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act Land Laws Optional Papers –( any one)            (a)  Criminology            (b) Taxation Laws            (c) Law of Insolvency 5. Practical Training -II @9 9th semester Civil Procedure Code, Limitation act Criminal Procedure