Probate In India: Definition, Importance & Application

  Probate In India: Definition, Importance & Application                        @1                        A will  is a document that is drawn by a person with clear instructions as to how his/her assets are to be distributed on their death. In certain situations — and only in certain jurisdictions, such as Mumbai, Kolkota and Chennai — the executor of the will may need to apply for a probate in order to legalise it. This article will discuss, in detail, what a probate is, when one is needed in India, what the court fees are, and how it can be obtained. @2 What is a Probate? The Indian Succession Act, 1925 decrees that a probate is official proof of a will. A probate is issued to the executor, or the person who is authorized to implement or execute the will and thereby adds a legal character to the will. A probate, as defined in the India Sucessession Act, 1925, is ‘A copy of will certified under the seal of a court of competent jurisdiction with grant of administration of the

5 Year LLB Degree Course, Syllabus/ subject list

 5 Year LLB Degree Course,  

Syllabus/subject list


1st  semester

English –I
Logic- I


2nd Semester

History of Courts
Political  Science –I
Legal Writing and Legal Language


3rd Semester

Political Science – II
History of Courts


4th Semester

English –II
Logic –II
Political Science III


5th Semester

Labour Laws
Contract –I, Specific Relief Act
Law of  Torts  And Consumer Protection
Legal Language


6th semester

Law of Crimes (IPC) and Criminal Jurisprudence
Constitutional Law
Family Law – I
Environmental Law
Practical Training -I


7th semester

Administrative Law
Family Law –II
Property Law
Company Law


8th semester

Contract –II , Indian Contract Act, Indian Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act
Land Laws
Optional Papers –( any one)
           (a)  Criminology
           (b) Taxation Laws
           (c) Law of Insolvency
5. Practical Training -II


9th semester

Civil Procedure Code, Limitation act
Criminal Procedure Code, Juvenile Justice Act, Probation of Offenders Act
Interpretation of Statutes
Public International Law and Human Rights


10th semester

Alternate Dispute Resolution
Law Of Evidence
Optional Papers- (any two)
      (a) Banking & Negotiable Instruments                         Act
(b) Law of Insurance
(c) Intellectual Property Law
(d) Conflict of Laws

5. Law Relating to Woman And Children
6. Law & Medicine
7. Practical Training –III
8.  Practical Training -IV


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